Internet is huge platform for online business.

  • Create online shop
  • Create online products for sale
  • Good communication online and offline
  • Good service provide to attract customer
  • Take review from customer to understand thing to grow business
  • Resolve every issue of customer

This is te way you can build your own thing i.e. own business like offline.

Benefits in online to sale every products or services in every where in the world but you can not do in offline.

For open business, services etc in online, need to do following first:

  • Website Domain name  like
  • Website hosting where all files/folders for This hosting just line space where your website files and folder for execute to show your website.
  •  In technical terms need server/DB/Script
  • Server like Apache/NODE, DB Like MySQL/ORACLE, Script like PHP/DotNET/angular.
  • After website done required popularity. For popularity another thing like promotion of your webiste.
  •  Popularity or advertisement to know everyone this website -> shop/services online.

 After done above everything then after try to give good services.