Google provides a variety of pall- grounded results and APIs that are extensively used in web development. Then are some of the popular bones

1. Google Cloud Platform( GCP) Google Cloud Platform is a suite of pall computing services that offers storehouse, calculating power, and data analytics. It provides a scalable structure for web operations and services.

2. Google App Engine Google App Engine is a completely managed platform that allows inventors to make and host web operations on Google’s structure. It supports multiple programming languages and provides automatic scaling and cargo balancing.

3. Google Firebase Firebase is a comprehensive mobile and web development platform that offers a range of services, including real- time databases, authentication, pall storehouse, and hosting. It simplifies the development process and provides backend structure for web operations.

4. Google Charts Platform Google Charts Platform provides APIs and SDKs for integrating Google Charts into web operations. inventors can add charts, geolocation, and route planning features to their websites using the Charts JavaScript API, Charts Bed API, and other affiliated APIs.

5. Google Cloud Storage Google Cloud Storage is a scalable and secure object storehouse service. It allows inventors to store and recoup large quantities of data, similar as images, vids, and other lines, directly from web operations.

6. Google Cloud Functions Google Cloud Functions is a serverless computing platform that enables inventors to run law in response to events without fussing about garçon operation. It can be used to make serverless web operations and apply event- driven functionalities.

7. Google Cloud Vision API The Cloud Vision API allows inventors to integrate important image analysis capabilities into their web operations. It provides features like image recognition, object discovery, and optic character recognition( OCR).

8. Google Cloud Natural Language API The Cloud Natural Language API enables inventors to dissect and understand the structure and meaning of textbook in web operations. It offers sentiment analysis, reality recognition, and content bracket capabilities.

9. Google Identity Platform Google Identity Platform offers authentication and stoner operation services for web operations. It provides secure stoner authentication using Google accounts or other popular identity providers like Facebook and Twitter.

10. Google Analytics Google Analytics is a web analytics service that helps track and dissect stoner geste on websites. It provides precious perceptivity into website business, stoner demographics, and engagement criteria , aiding in optimizing web development sweats.

These are just a many examples of the pall- grounded results and APIs handed by Google. The company offers a wide range of fresh services and tools that feed to colorful aspects of web development, including machine literacy, storehouse, databases, and more.